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DemoClipper makes your screen captures beautiful and a lot more interesting to watch. Enhance your product clips by highlighting the most important aspects of your app or website.

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Why Should You Use DemoClipper?

Ever get frustrated trying to figure out how to zoom in on a certain part of your product demo clip or how to add a frame around your screen recordings? Then you know how annoying it is to have to open up expensive video editing software just for short clips and gifs.That's where DemoClipper comes in.

Easy Zooming And Panning

With just a few clicks, zoom in or out to highlight specific areas of the screen. Make your videos easier to read on different devices, and take your screen recordings to the next level.

Add Beautiful Backgrounds

Frame your screen recordings with gorgeous gradients and abstract textures. No design skills required.

No Download Required

All the editing happens in your browser. No files are uploaded to our servers.

What is DemoClipper Ideal For?

Although DemoClipper makes it easy to beautify your product clips, it isn't a full-blown video editor. Instead, it focuses on doing a few things well.

  • Product GIFs/videos for articles and documentation

  • Short demo clips for social media

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